Web Design Donegal | DonegalConnect connecting your Business

Our Mission

The mission of Web Design Donegal | DonegalConnect is to connect the people and businesses of Donegal to the Web and Internet.

The company's wide range of Web Design and Internet services allows us to tailor a solution which gives the costumer the ability to choose the right Web Design and Internet presence for his/her liking and budget.

With our experience in Web Design, Webhosting and Internet Technologies we can assist and accompany our customers on their journey into the Web and Internet.

What we do

Web Design and Web Development
Web Design and Web Development are the foundation of our efforts to bring affordable high quality web design and web development to our customers. Our large experience in the design and development of websites helps us to bring the best practices and technologies to our customers.
We are very aware of the fact that in the current times it is difficult for businesses to venture into the internet and we will try our outmost for our customers to get the best possible solution for whatever budget is available.
Internet Marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
SEO or Internet Marketing are the most important factors of your success in the Internet market. A ranking in the top ten in Google, Bing and Yahoo for your website is the one most important factor in getting the most out of your Internet venture.
During the Web Design phase of all our projects care is taken that the pages have the potential of high rankings in the search engines.
SEO is a continuous effort to stay at the top of the search engines. Web Design Donegal | DonegalConnect has the tools and knowledge for a successful SEO campaign when your position is threatened or needs to improve.
Web Design Donegal | DonegalConnect also offers a continuous website ranking monitoring package for all major search engines.
Additional Services
We offer also a website and Email hosting service.
Domain registration and hosting services are also available.

If you have any questions and sugestions please do not hesitate to contact us.